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As Scouts, we prepare young people with #SkillsforLife in West Sussex

Blog | Update from the P&P youth commissioner
08/08/2019 By Ed Clee


Hey everyone,

I guess you're all wondering what we have been getting up to recently as you haven’t heard much from us. I can tell you that behind the scenes we are planning a few amazing DYC activity days I think everyone will love. I am sure you are aware but for those that do not know the reason for things being quiet my end is I have just had a baby with my partner and it turns out having a baby takes up a lot of time, more than I could ever imagine! Anyway, we digress. Recently one of my amazing deputies Marcus has been going around visiting some groups and showing our amazing youth commissioner face.

Here are some words from Marcus about his travels;

Back in April we joined over 500 of you from all over the district on St George’s Day in an attempt to beat the world record for the largest merit badge of a human image.

Then in May we ran a couple of silent discos each evening at Petworth park camp which seemed to go down really well. Watching scouts dance to what seemed like no music is actually pretty funny.

June through to July I was lucky enough to spend an enjoyable half term with 1st Billinghurst scouts – Downlands Troop. I was even given the chance to do a bit of cooking one evening with a couple of triangias and some hungry scouts. As well as this I managed to pop across to 1st Bury cubs for a fun night of pond dipping, gardening and handing out badges to some super proud cubs. Not only was this a fantastic opportunity to get out there and show the young people who we are but an opportunity to see who they are and what they enjoy in scouting. Thank you both for having me you guys are awesome.

Recently I was at the Paddlesports day in August taking some of you out on the canal to go canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. I was really impressed with some of the skills and teamwork that you all demonstrated. I hope you all had a fun time trying out all the different types of craft.

Looking into the autumn term we have plenty more to work on. We have been meeting up recently to have a think about the different types of events we could run in the district that you would really enjoy. Whether its later on this year or early next year we will have something out soon. This is definitely not a promise but paintball is a serious consideration for the older half.

Until next time,




So, as you can see Marcus has been a very busy bee getting involved with our young people and helping teach them #skillsforlife. I myself think that in general, not only are the young people in our district being given opportunities of a lifetime but also our leadership group is something really to behold. You are all doing such an incredible job offering these amazing programs for the young people and keeping the enthusiasm going. Please carry on what your doing because you are shaping the future of scouting within our world.

As Marcus has said we have some awesome district activity days were are currently planning and I cannot wait to tell you all about them.

Stay safe and keep positive.

Ted Clee

District Youth Commissioner

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