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This report was first published in the Village Tweet and was provided by 1st Billingshurst
September 2020 saw the return to Outside meetings after hours putting together Risk Assessments and making sure we had the relevant PPE and cleaning equipment. It was great to see our members outside enjoying the light evenings and the good weather and having an amazing time after the last few months of Lockdown.
Since their return, the Beavers have taken part in lots of fun games including an Athletics evening with games such as socially distanced hockey, throwing bean bags into a hoop, running, jumping etc. There was even a trip to Jubilee Fields for a Mini Beast Hunt. All the children loved being outside, seeing their friends from a distance and taking part in something different. They have remained very active during these first few weeks which is great for their health and wellbeing and makes Beavers the perfect end to the school day. There was a worry that it would be difficult to keep the children 2 metres apart, especially when they are with the same friends at school all day. However, they have adjusted well to the guidelines and managed to stay within their individual hoops and space as instructed.
The Cubs have taken part in lots of outdoor games on the field outside the Scout Hut, Splat being a firm favourite! Anything that involves them being outside, jumping around and having fun has been a success. Sometimes it is the simplest things that bring the most joy. We have also worked on the Communicator badge learning about Morse Code with our torches and Semaphore with glow sticks. The Cubs learnt that if they communicate well together then they can make things and work together without being too close. Having to explain and instruct to their team members as well as listen to what they were being told are great skills they have learnt and benefitted from. We have also used the natural resources on the field by making tracks with leaves, sticks and stones. It was fun following those with torches on a dark evening.
Scouts have really benefitted from being outside with an action-packed programme this term including a Mini Olympics session, Tree & Plant Identification, Campfire Cooking, fire lighting, a photo treasure hunt, recycling and Pioneering. Scouts also had an amazing visit to a Ski Centre in Aldershot where they took part in dry slope Skiing!! These are all exciting activities that our members enjoy and can still count towards earning their badges.
The benefits of being outside, having fun and learning new and exciting activities have proved invaluable during this uncertain time. The feedback from parents has been brilliant; our members love being outside, meeting new friends and having fun. We will continue to provide a varied and exciting programme to our members in these challenging times.
At the time of writing a second lockdown has just been announced. We are all well equipped to move our sessions to Zoom for the time being. Our members know what to expect and will be excitedly waiting for the time when we can meet again Face to Face. For now, though, we will keep on scouting safely during Lockdown2.


First published in the December 2020 edition of Village Tweet which you can read online - see page 28

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Blog | Report: Camp at home - Feb21
25/02/2021 By Marcus Barnes

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part in Camp@Home in mid-February 2021. With over 100+ young people from all over the district getting involved it was a really welcome surprise how well things went!

With such a variety of challenges we’re confident you’ll have picked up some new #skillsforlife . 

Whether that be checking your tyres, cooking a delicious meal, a spot of DIY or just being really good at solving a rubik's cube hopefully you managed to try something new.

You may remember we had so many entries to the trophy challenges we had to take some extra time choosing a winner for a couple of them. I’m pleased to say we’ve finally made our decision.

  • Most Challenges Completed - Ollie D
  • Best gorilla drum solo - Harry E

Congratulations to our final two winners!

Marcus Barnes
District Youth Commissioner  


Keep up with the latest from the DYCs on our Facebook page

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Blog | National Scout Rifle Championships
11/10/2020 By Marcus Barnes

Scouts throughout the district are always trying new and exciting activities and It's fair to say target shooting has always proved a popular choice as proved each year at Petworth Park Camp. There are Scouts that are happy to just have a go, Scouts that want to progress their skills and Scouts that have a natural talent for Shooting.


We’re a team of Scouts that all started shooting at a taster session. With years of hard work and dedication two of us now shoot at international competitions, representing Team GB in championship matches as far away as Luxembourg and even setting a new British record! Around this time every year we represent the district and county at the National Scout Rifle Championships. With that cancelled this year we thought we’d promote it instead.


The National Scout Rifle Championships is a 3 day event open to all UK members. Each year it attracts over 700 participants of all abilities and ages from all over the UK. It’s been running for over 40 years and is held at The National Shooting Center in Bisley, Surrey. There's a main competition and several other events too.


Those of us that attend from P&P tag onto the Worthing Scouts Shooting Squad.. We train with them every weekend, fine tuning our skills ready for the next competition. For us it's the highlight of the year.


The main competition comprises of 4 events - 

  • 6 yard air rifle
  • 6 yard air pistol?
  • Field target
  • Knockdown


After that the choice is yours! Other events include

  • small bore rifle
  • full bore rifle
  • archery
  • crossbow
  • target sprint


With upwards of 700 competitors it's fair to say the P&P contingent have had some fairly impressive finishing positions in recent years. Most impressive for us was coming 4th overall team in the main competition.


  • 2019 - 4th - main competition (team)
    Marcus Barnes, Jack Lovett & Maddy Barnes
  • 2019 - 15th - field target
    Marcus Barnes
  • 2019 - 7th - own pistol
    Jack Lovett
  • 2019 - 9th - own pistol
    Maddie Barnes
  • 2018 - 3rd - crossbow
    Robert Whitling


If you’ve got a passion for shooting, a scout showing potential, or would like to get involved please do get in touch - dyc@pandpscouts.org.uk

You can find more information on the nationals here - http://hampshirescoutrifleclub.org.uk/national-scout-rifle-championships/

You can see Maddy and Jack's accomplishments here -


Special thanks to the amazing leaders at Worthing District Shooting Squad for all your help and support with nationals and training each year.

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Report: Halloween hike 2019
31/10/2019 By Chris Evans

The annual Scouts and Guides Halloween Hike took place on 26-7 October in spite of a very muddy and waterlogged course. The hike has run every year since 1995 and is open to Scouts, Guides, Explorers and Rangers.

The event is overnight and the route is designed to test navigation skills and teamwork; the hiking is usually around 6-8 miles on footpaths and bridleways with challenges around the course. This year the challenges included a blindfold obstacle course, first aid and a glow ball challenge.

There are three categories:

  • Scouts and Guides 12 and under who walk with a leader and can have a go at the challenges but they don’t compete for the trophy. (Junior teams)
  • Scouts and Guides 12 and over who walk by themselves and complete the challenges, points gained on the challenges add up to compete for the trophy.
  • Explorers and Rangers walk like the 12 and overs. However their total walking time in minutes is added up, their challenge total deducted from this and the team with the lowest points wins.

All the teams completed the course and the results are below:

Place Team Points
1st Billingshurst Scouts "Daring Downlands" 103
2nd Sullington & Storrington Scouts "Cheyenne Elders" 102
3rd Ashington Scouts 98
4th Midhurst & Easeboune Guides
Ifold Scouts "Overnight"
6th Pulborough Sea Scouts 92

Junior teams (training only - not entered in the competition)

  • Billiworth Guides
  • Billingshurst Scouts "Young ones"
  • Ifold Scouts "Juniors"


Explorer trophy

  • Rother Valley Rangers - 94 points (1st)


Well done to Billingshurst Scouts and Rother Valley Rangers for coming first in their competitions - but equally well done to all of the teams for completing the course in less than ideal conditions 

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Report: Cub & Beaver Paddlesport Days
08/09/2018 By Chris Evans

Our Paddlesport Team was out in force at the Wey & Arun Canal this summer with two taster days for Cubs and Beavers to have a go on the water in all sorts of exciting watercraft.  (There were a few suspiciously tall Cubs sneaking in too!)

The young people could try:


Canadian Canoes

Stand-up Paddleboards

Sit-on Kayaks

Closed Cockpit Kayaks

The weather was fabulous and a terrific time was had by all.  It was hard work for the team but they are all looking forward to doing it again next year!

If you have an interest in water activities and would like to help young people to join your interest, and have a load of fun along the way then we'd love to hear from you! ddcevents@pandpscouts.org.uk

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